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1st Meeting of DKYO at Bhawanipatna

Team Meeting at Bhawanipatna

Team Formation at Hind Plaza, Bhawanipatna

Bahuda  Yatra Water Distrubution at Bhawanipatna

Bahuda  Yatra Water Distrubution at Tumura, Golamunda

Tree Plantation at Chilipa, Dharamgarh

Independance Day celebration at Dr Ambedkar Chowk, Bhawanipatna 2017

"Bhawanipatna Bus stand safei" under "Swaccha Kalahandi"

DKYO Team met Asst Collector, Kalahandi

Status safei under our Project "Swaccha Kalahandi" at Dharamgarh

5th Executive body meeting at Bhawanipatna

6th Executive body meeting at Bhawanipatna

Meeting with Junagarh BDO

2500 glass Dahi Sarbat distrubution at Bhawanipatna

Team DKYO Met Sj Pratap Jena

DKYO Felitiated by BJD, Kalahandi

Met CDMO, Kalahandi

DKYO Team met Jubaraj, Kalahandi

Smasan Safei at Dharamgarh under "Swaccha Kalahandi"

Republic Day 2018

DKYO Met Health Minister

Independance Day 2018

Team Meetings : DYO Team Meetings in different places of Kalahandi.

Celebrations: Festival and different occasions celebrated by DKYO

Swaccha Kalahandi:Working on Cleaning Kalahandi/Safei Aviyan.

Better Kalahandi :Working on Public Grievance, Social/General issues, Meeting with Representatives, Administration, Tweet, RTIs etc.

Blood On Call : Working on donating blood from doner to patient directly.

Tree Plantation:Working on Tree plantation.

MUSKAN : Working on collectiong from Doners and donating Old Cloths, Toys, Books, Blankets, Utencils etc to the needy. 

Bahuda  Yatra Water Distrubution at Bhawanipatna

Team Meeting at Dharamgarh

First Team Meeting at Narla, Kalahandi

First Meeting at Junagarh

Vajapayee Ji Sradhanjali at Dharamgarh anad Bhawanipatna

Raksha Bandhan at Bhawanipatna 2018 with CRPF

Eid celebration 2018

DKYO Participated in Mini Marathon at Bhawanipatna

Bhawanipatna Bus Rest Shed Safei

Awareness Drive

Sahayog : Works on helping the patient, helping poor, needy etc.

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